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22 feb 2010: Start work. Drafting statutes and establishing a Dutch B.V. (the same as a Ltd.).

14 jun 2010: Workshop: "The feasibility of algae cultivation for biofuel production and processing to co-products in Suriname".

06 oct 2010: A draft cooperation agreement is signed between RFE B.V. and AquaPhyto B.V. for a close cooperation in the coming period. For more than 15 years AquaPhyto is active in the development and implementation of technology for the production of algae. AquaPhyto also has experience with the full realization and operation of large-scale algae production systems and refining algae.

20 hectare 1 20 hectare 2 20 hectare 3

30 nov 2010: Despite some unexpected delays the work run smoothly. For the production of algae is an area of 200,000 sqm developed. This concerns a former plantation. We started removing the proliferation and restoring the water management. Then the terrain will be leveled out so early 2011 a start can be made with the construction of the algal culture ponds.